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What is CBD oil, basically?

by Leroy Allen
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The hemp oil plant, a member of the Cannabis sativa plant family, is the source of CBD oil, a natural oil. There are two types of CBD oil: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. Perfect for any pet owner who wishes to assist their animal. Because it is not psychoactive, it does not produce the same “high” as marijuana. Numerous health benefits of CBD oil include pain treatment, anxiety reduction, and inflammation reduction (read more on studies). Honest Paws is able to separate, gather, and thoroughly analyze and comprehend our full-spectrum things because of supercritical CO2 extraction. These various studies and terpenes are extracted, and we combine them to provide a full-spectrum product with a variety of health advantages.

We focus on the active ingredients that are the most effective while removing any side effects. Running supercritical liquid CO2 through the hemp plant destroys any microbiological bacteria, dust mites, mold, or mildew on the plant, which is another benefit of CO2 extraction. Any potential harmful effects are eliminated.

Is CBD oil safe for animals?

Animals are completely safe to consume CBD. In fact, it might work in their favor. There haven’t been any reports of CBD use in pets having any unfavorable side effects.

Is it okay to administer dogs CBD oil?

A study from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine found that dogs who received 4.4 mg/pound of CBD twice day for a month experienced significant improvements in their quality of life and ability to manage their pain. Your pet will appreciate Honest Paws! We also sell coconut oil-based cleaning kits.CBD oil


How is the CBD oil produced by Honest Paws?

The non-psychoactive component of cannabis is where our CBD comes from. THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, is not present in these products. All of our products are non-toxic and entirely natural. Your pet cannot “overdose” on our CBD products because they are made with the best CBD ingredients.

Is it okay to give your dog CBD every day?

You may give CBD to your dog every day, in fact. While some dogs respond better to numerous daily dosages, CBD oil can be given to your pet on a regular basis. There has never been a better time to get your pet treated for joint problems and other problems. We believe that hemp seed oil should be used as the necessary carrier oil for high-quality CBD oil for dogs rather than MCT oil.

How Often Should I Give My Dog CBD Oil?

You need to be aware that the dosage of CBD oil for dogs may change based on a number of variables, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Diet
  • Age
  • Ailment
  • Previous Medication
  • Weight

When shopping for high-quality CBD oil for dogs, you will see that there are many dose and amount options as well as features like wide and full spectrum CBD to help with things like behavior, discomfort, and allergies.

Additionally, bear in mind that unlike THC, pet CBD oil derived from industrial cannabis plants has no psychoactive effects (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

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