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by Leroy Allen
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Because of its carefully designed products and innovative portfolio, Nordic Oil is among our favorite European corporations. The company offers a wide range of products in each important category, such as CBD oils, pet products, CBD topicals, concentrates, CBG extracts, e-liquids, and a lot more.

The business also offers pet vitamins, multivitamin drinks, and a highly specialized range of topicals under its Nordic Cosmetics sub-brand.

We highly recommend this company if you live in Europe, however you should look elsewhere if you live in North America.

On the North American market, only the Mani oils with melatonin and the standard CBD oil recipe are offered. These are fantastic products, however they don’t differ much from what the majority of other North American CBD manufacturers offer.


Nordic Oils is on a mission to dominate the CBD supplement market, and they are succeeding admirably. One of the biggest and best-known CBD brands in Europe, this company also has operations in the US.

It is challenging to give Nordic Oil any recognition in this category because their websites do not mention any charitable or discount initiatives.

Hemp Source

Hemp for Nordic Oil is produced on farms spread around Europe. They do not disclose the source of their hemp, but they send every batch for testing to a reputable lab to guarantee the best possible quality.

We examined the firm’s website’s most recent twelve test results and contacted the customer service staff for more details, but we could find no indication that the hemp this business is using is problematic.CBD oils

Product Range

One of the most interesting product lines we have encountered so far is Nordic Oil, especially if you reside in Europe.


Almost all sorts of CBD products are offered by the business. They also provide several innovative product categories that we haven’t seen offered by other businesses in the market, like multivitamin CBD drinks and pet supplements.


For a number of reasons, this company gets five stars for innovation. First off, the business provides products in every imaginable category and has even improved some of them, like the new Nordic Cosmetics brand.

Second, Nordic Oil has been mentioned as one of the rare businesses that offers both its website and its products in a variety of languages. The Nordic Oil team would have had to put in a lot of work, which is something that most other businesses just do not do.


Nordic Oil employs organic ingredients whenever possible, complies with all regulations set down by European regulators (including the 0.2% THC limit), and incorporates sufficient amounts of CBD as well as extra herbal and nutritional components into each product.

Customer Service

There is a built-in chatbox in your language on the Nordic Oil website. The most extensive language support we’ve seen thus far, they offer English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Finnish, Dutch, and Danish.

There are no issues with Nordic Oil’s customer care employees; they are very helpful and responsive.

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